Assessment of text clarity

Do you know if your documents attract attention? Are they easy to understand?

This is what you will find out when you entrust us with an assessment of text clarity.

Assessing clarity means making a diagnosis of a document or a sample of texts you produce by checking whether they comply with the principles of plain language.

We analyze your documents and check if:


They are designed to answer your clients' questions


They use simple and accessible words


Their visual appearance helps to understand

In short, a text clarity assessment is like a home inspection. We examine your texts in great detail and then give you a professional opinion on the state of the premises.

A text clarity assessment is a great introduction to all of our plain language services. 

To figure out where to start

What do you get out of this?

Guidelines for writing to be read and understood from start to finish!

Solutions to improve your written communications!

How does it work?

We ask you to choose a document or a sample of printed or electronic documents that we will assess.

Next, we take out our magnifying glass:


We analyze your documents.


We produce a written diagnostic report that includes:

  • Good moves
  • Specific elements to improve
  • Recommendations for clarifying your documents

Do you need a quick overview before distributing a document?

We carry out brief assessments of documents.
We can provide you with a quick opinion.

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