Usability testing

How to find out if the people you want to reach understand your texts?

There is only one way: ask them!

The people who read your documents are those who can tell whether they understand you well and whether your texts are useful to them. And, here at Autrement dit, we have several ways of obtaining this valuable information.

One way is to test your documents. Testing is useful whether you want to evaluate an existing document or a rewritten document.

We know how to test your documents

To test, we first recruit people who are likely to use your documents in everyday life. After presenting them with a short scenario, we make them interact with your documents as if they had to do so “in real life”.

We therefore collect all kinds of information to verify:

If they understand your documents


If they encounter problems


If they know what to do once they have read them

If they are satisfied

Usability testing can also confirm that your documents achieve their objectives, once rewritten in plain language.

Usability testing, also known as user testing, is the very best of the plain language approach.

Did you know?

That Autrement dit is above all an association of two anthropologists.

As anthropologists and specialists in qualitative methods, we are trained to understand what people’s experiences are. So who better than two anthropologists to understand people’s experience and test your communications with your target audiences?

What do you get out of this?

Validating, verifying and testing the effectiveness of documents of any kind before they get into the hands of the user is beneficial. You will save time, money and be more efficient.

By testing your productions, you can find out what works well and what doesn’t, which aspects are understood and which are not.

The test results will allow you to improve your documents, which in turn will contribute to improving the customer experience or, in other words, the user experience (UX).

How does it work?

After one or two productive meetings with you to help us understand your needs and the audience you are targeting:


We will develop a test plan.


We will conduct the tests.


We will provide you with tangible, easy-to-use results.

You will have everything on hand not only to optimize and propel your documents, but also to make sure that they are understood from the first reading.

Not ready to test?

You can still consult with your target audience or ask them to provide minimal feedback on your document. Every comment you receive will help you improve your content!

Contact us so that we can discuss your project.

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