What is plain language?

The ways of reading have changed.
So we have to change the way we write!

Plain language is a way to review all aspects of a document:


The organization of information


The right words to convey the information


The visual presentation

Plain language saves you time and money
Plain language on the internet

The goal is to make your information:


Easy to find


Easy to read


Easy to understand


Easy to use

Plain language pays off!

Plain language inspires trust and reassures

You allow people to better understand your services. You thereby show that you are attentive to their needs.
Plain language
Plain language enhances your credibility

Plain language enhances your credibility

Your image depends on it: the public’s first contact with your organization or business is often through your documents and your website.

Plain language saves you time and even money:


Fewer calls for clarification


Fewer unnecessary back and forths


Fewer incomplete forms received

Plain language enhances your credibility
Plain language consulting services
There is another advantage to communicating in plain language: it makes information accessible to everyone, regardless of the reading skills of the people you want to reach!

In other words, communicating in plain language means democratizing information and empowering people!

An ISO standard for plain language

ISO 24495-1 supports the practice of plain language by providing principles and guidelines for anyone creating documents.

It applies to all languages and describes best practices for implementing the plain language writing process.

All the services we offer are in conformity with this ISO standard.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. It issues quality standards in a variety of fields, based on international consensus.

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