Bank of consulting hours

We offer each of our services in a different way!

Discover our bank of consulting hours available to you when you need it.

Whether you need help to review a document before finalizing it or often need to be guided through the many stages of a simplification project, the bank of hours allows you to be in direct contact with us, whenever you need it.

A flexible service

Use up your bank of hours at your own pace and according to your needs! This bank of hours never expires and is good for any type of consulting or rewriting services!

With this service, you can rely on a quick and efficient response to all your needs, whenever they arise.

An expert eye

We consistently apply the principles of plain language with the same rigour. We use our expert eye to simplify, energize and enhance the appearance of your document. We use plain language principles to make your document as relevant as possible to your target audience. Any change can make a difference!

The bank of hours is much more than a proofreading service! It’s the service you need! As a result, you can ensure a better understanding and greater efficiency in all of your communications, whether they are printed or online.

Optimize the effectiveness of your documents.

What do you get out of this?


A service adapted to your needs, whether they are big or small


A response that meets your specific deadlines


Our plain language expertise to maximize the clarity of the content and presentation of your communications


Continuous service


Savings on our hourly rates

How does it work?

Together, we first establish the number of hours in your bank, e.g. 10 hours, 20 hours, or more. You reserve this number of consulting hours by paying in advance. You then contact us each time you wish to submit a document or an infographic.

Your ticket to plain communications

It’s easy and flexible; you don’t have to worry about drawing up a new contract for each additional request. It is your ticket to plain language services at your fingertips.

We adapt to your needs:


You choose the most appropriate time.


You contact us whenever you want, regardless of the extent of the service required.


We provide the most relevant plain language service for you, based on your needs.

If you are ready to send your document to the printer or press “send”, a quick expert look can help you make some simple improvements that will make a difference. Let us review an important letter, a sensitive email, or any other document!

Make your documents clear, impactful, and effective

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