Health literacy coaching

Health literacy: a solution to improve the experience of your users.

 Health literacy enables patients to become partners in their own care. It also enables each person to preserve and improve their own health and that of their loved ones.

Support them by facilitating their pathway through services and their use of health information. Make sure that all your written and oral communications are easy to understand, so that everyone can play a leading role in their own health.

How to consider health literacy

There are many ways to consider health literacy in your organization or practice, for example:


Simplify all your communications so that they are adapted to your users and that they can understand them the first time they read them.


Verify that they understand the information you communicate to them verbally.


Make sure that their entire path through your organization and services is as smooth as possible, for example, by making it easy for them to book an appointment, avoiding unnecessary steps, and finding your offices easily.

We can help!

You can even go a step further by starting a health literacy initiative in your organization! We can help you get started.

What does a health literacy approach involve?

In a health literacy approach, you:


Review the overall pathway users take to access the services you provide:

  • Access to information through the website or by phone to make an appointment for example
  • Signage to facilitate movement within your premises 
  • Information provided by the reception staff

Provide written information drafted using plain language.


Increase the effectiveness of your oral communications with users.


Train and mobilize your entire team.

Your health literacy project will become a driving force for your organization.

Health literacy, a key for engaged patients!

What do you get out of this?

Since every little action makes a difference, we work together with you to agree on actions that can be taken in order to:


Improve customer experience


Ensure that users are at the heart of communications


Make patients partners in their own health


Help improve the clarity of your documents for users


Make it easier to navigate through your services

By taking this approach, you will be at the forefront of the latest health literacy practices.

How does it work?

There is no single recipe. It depends on your context. We’ll be happy to listen to you about putting health literacy at the heart of your services.

Find out how we can assist you.

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