Plain language rewriting

We help you to make your documents clearer!

Think about the informational materials you produce. It could be a leaflet, a promotional text, a blog post, the content of your website, your price proposal and invoice templates, your infographics…  Are they read and understood?

Do people visiting your website leave satisfied that they have found the information they were looking for?

Rewriting in plain language allows us to review your documents to make them easy to understand by the people you want to reach.

To better reach your target audience

Our strength consists in rewriting, keeping in mind exactly those people you are writing to! We want them to understand quickly, adequately and above all, the right thing! That’s what plain language rewriting is all about.

We apply the principles of plain language to your texts. In doing so, we help you to:


Reach your communication objective


Highlight the key messages you want to communicate


Emphasize the information that is most important to the people who will use it


Present your document in an eye-catching way so that people can easily find their way around

So that you are plainly understood.

What do you get out of this?


More clients!

More satisfied clients!

More clients who know what to do, so you waste less time:

  • Repeating
  • Answering questions
  • Correcting errors

How does it work?

We first take some time with you to understand your project and your communication objective.


We rewrite your content using plain language principles.


You reread and we make adjustments.

You are left with your plain and effective simplified content.

Contact us so that we can adapt our proposal to your needs!

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