About us

Autrement dit, is:

Chantale Audet and Amélie Bourret

We are two anthropologists, experts in qualitative methods and plain language. We have many years of work experience in rewriting and information design, including 10 years at the helm of the baby guide From Tiny Tot to Toddler.

Chantale Audet - Autrement dit

Chantale Audet

Amélie Bourret - Autrement dit

Amélie Bourret

Our mission

To help our clients improve the performance of their business or organization by better communicating with their clients, partners, patients, users and suppliers.

At Autrement dit, we cherish the following values:


As plain language specialists

clarity, simplicity, transparency


As anthropologists

openness and thoughtful attention


As women entrepreneurs

empathy and honesty

Who are we? Autrement dit

At Autrement dit,
we do things differently

Guided by our training and experience, we have a unique approach that puts people at the heart of our actions.

Our winning recipe includes three ingredients:

You, the expert in your field

The people you write to: your clients, your patients, your partners and even your employees


And ourselves, to make the connection!

At Autrement dit, we are proud to be part of the plain language community


Plain Canada Clair


Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)




Center for Plain Language

And we are especially proud of having founded the Académie du langage clair et simple, the French-speaking wing of Plain Language Academies!
Plain language Academies
Chantale Audet et Amélie Bourret - Autrement dit

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